Pikes Peak Regional Building Department

Pikes Peak Regional Development Center Building

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Inspection Code Definitions

Internal Departments


Inspection Code Description
PB Plumb Base
PWO Plumb Water Out
PE Plumb Extension
P16 Plumb Consultation
P= Plumb Final
PT Plumbing Mobile-Home/MFG HSG
PTO Plumb Top out / Water in
PO= Plumb Mfg Res Set and Final
PRD Plumb Roof Drain
PGI Plumbing Grease Interceptor
PSP Plumbing Special Inspection
PAV Plumbing Appliance Vent
PIN Plumbing Insulation


Inspection Code Description
ERS Elec Rough & Service
ES= Elec Service & Final
E16 Elec Consultation
ESL Elect Slab
EE Elect Extension
E= Elect Final
EUG Elect U.G.
EP Electrical Panel
ER= Elec Rough & Final
EST Elect Service Temporary
ES Elect Service
ER Elect Rough
ESP Electrical Special Inspection
ED Electrical Demolition
ESPR Electrical Service Prerelease


Inspection Code Description
H01 Elevator Annual Inspection
VSC Elevator Smoke Control
H05 Equipment Red Tag
V16 Elevator/Chair Lift Inspection
VMR Elevator Mech. Room
V= Elevator Final (Acceptance Ins
H02 Elevator Six Month Inspection
VHW Elevator Hoist Way
H06 Witnessed 5 Year Test
H03 Elevator Followup
H07 Witnessed Ann. Escalator Test


Inspection Code Description
FP= Floodplain Final Inspection


Inspection Code Description
BFN Bld Foundation
BLA Bld Lath
BTR Bld Tiled Roof Inspection
BFD Bld Foundation Drain
BBB Bld Bond Beam
BFI Bld Foundation Insulation
B16 Bld Consultation
BM Bld Masonry
BTD Building Temporary Tie Downs
BFR Bld Frame
BIN Bld Insulation
BE Bld Extension
BFT Bld Footing
B=R Bld Roofing (Final)
B= Bld Final
BSP Bld Special Inspection
BVM Building Verification
BEN= Building Energy Final


Inspection Code Description
HO= Heat Mfg Outside and Final
HV Heat Vent
HWP Heat Process Steam & Water Pip
HLP Heat LP Gas Drain
HRR Heat Residential Rough
HC Heat Construction Meter
HI Heat Gas Inside
H16 Heat Consultation
HO Heat Outside
HRP Heat Refrigeration Piping
HD Heat Duct
H= Heat Final
HE Heat Extension
HER Elevator Rough
HE= Elevator Final
HE16 Elevator Consultation
HSP Mechanical Special Inspection


Inspection Code Description
SFT Sign Footing
SF Sign Foundation
SELC Sign Electrical
SE Sign Extension
SPI Sign Permit Image


Inspection Code Description
WE Wrecking Extension
W= Wrecking Final

External Departments


Inspection Code Description
FHS Fire Commercial hood and supp.
FCN Fire Construction Features
FDR Fire Development Review
FSS Fire sprinkler system
FMC Fire Miscellaneous
FUP Fire undergound piping install
FUT Fire undergound tank
FAL Fire Alarm system
FEX Fire Explosive and Blasting
FHM Fire Hazardous Materials
FAT Fire Aboveground
FSB Fire Spray finishing booth
FAP Fire Aboveground Piping
F= Fire Final
FHP= Fire High Pile Final
FHZ= Fire Hazmat Final


Inspection Code Description
Z= Zoning/D.R. Final


Inspection Code Description
N= Engineering Final


Inspection Code Description
HD= Health Department Final


Inspection Code Description
U= Utility Final
UEM Utility Electric Meter
UGM Utility Gas Meter
UWM Utility Water Meter
UF Utility Fees
UBS Utility Sewer Inspection
UWS Utility Water Service